Deluxe Bundle

Tenzo's Deluxe Bundle is perfect for you or a loved one looking to take charge of your day with a healthy boost of energy and antioxidants. What's included in the Tenzo Deluxe Bundle? 1) Limited Edition Tenzo Tea Blender Bottle™ (only 1000 in stock) 2) 30g of Premium Matcha OR 100 Gram bag of Flavored Matcha (Your Choice! 20 Servings Total) 3) Six single serving packets of 2 remaining flavors (6 Servings Total) 4) Bamboo Whisk and Porcelain Whisk Stand 5) Bamboo Scooper 6) Extra Tenzo Goodies! :) Natural Caffeine Content: 20mg - 52mg / Serving Antioxidant Level: Very High 100% Guaranteed return policy. If you don't enjoy it, it's on us.